Web Analytics

Web Analytics generates valuable information about your website traffic. This tool gives insight to what strategies are & are not working on your website.

Defined by the Digital Analytics Association, Web Analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis & reporting of internet data for purposes of understanding & optimizing web usage.

Analytic tools allow marketers to get a close view on the activities & behaviours of website users. You are able to see key metrics such as, unique users, unique sessions, top performing website content, the performance of traffic sources. You gain key insights such as geographical locations and top traffic sources. This tool will also let you monitor return on investment (ROI) & see if you are achieving your goals. It also integrates into your social media platforms such as, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube, meaning you can monitor all your digital channels.

It is key to know & understand:

  • Where traffic is originating from
  • When the best time of the day/week for you to post on your website is based on traffic
  • What types of pages or posts attract the most traffic
  • The keywords people use to arrive at your site