SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is a method of strategies & tactics used to get your website a high ranking position within search engines such as, Google, Yahoo & Bing.

94% of businesses & consumers browse the internet before purchasing a new product or service. If they do not go to a specific website directly or if they are unsure who provides the product or services they need, they will search for what they are looking for using keywords. While browsing the internet using the keywords consumers will be presented with a list of relevant websites that matches what they searched.

Consumers tend to only visit websites that are ranked high on the first page of the search engine. If your business does not rank high, you will not reach your online customers.

SEO will put your website in front of consumers.

Benefits of SEO:
  • Increases traffic to your website – High ranking positions receive the most clicks & impressions.
  • Return On Investment (ROI) – Traceable results.
  • Cost Effective – Search Engine Optimisation is a cost effective digital marketing strategy. It targets consumers who are actively searching for products & services you provide.
  • Makes your website more user-friendly – SEO is also about improving a users experience. A well structured, clean website helps consumers stay on your site longer. This will decrease the sites bounce rate & increase page views.
  • Increases brand awareness & credibility – Digital marketers around the world rank SEO as their most effective strategy . The more pages & content you have ranking high, the more consumers will see your content & associate with your brand.
  • Your competitors are using Search Engine Optimisation –  The “digital era” is causing SEO to cover more ground. More businesses are beginning to realise the benefits are extremely high.